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Here at West Side Barber Shop we have the finest selection of stylists in Harrisonburg to suit all your tonsorial needs.


Jenny loves people and those who sit in her chair know it! She has many years of experience not only as a stylist in a few of the shops around Rockingham County but also worked in our same building a decade ago when it was Butch's Barber Shop. Jenny gives great flat-tops, short cuts for men, and loves to do womens styles and perms as well.




Nancy Shinaberry has recently joined our team.  She is an experienced stylist who specializes in everything a woman would want for her hair:  colors, perms, styles, etc.  She came to us from Simmon's Cut & Tan, looking for a change of pace after 10 plus years of service there.  We are very honored to have her. 


Jeff is a Master Barber and the current owner of the shop. He loves to talk and do anything that is traditional to ol' time barbering. He even does straight edge shaves!  If you would like to know a little more about Jeff and his family click here. Appointments specifically for Jeff are only available on Mondays: (540)435-8798


Pam is certainly one of our well loved stylists. She has a well rounded clientel from all age groups. She enjoys time with her kids and spiritual activities with her family. Pam's experience in cosmetology was birthed right here at West Side several years ago. 


Nicole is one of our full time stylists and has over a decade of experience. She is cross trained, doing both barber cuts and styling. She loves to laugh and have fun, but watch out if she gets dragged here too early in the morning--she might be silently grumpy!


Starla is the pizzazz of the shop. She always has a chuckle and a down to earth transparency with all her clients. She specializes in perms, cuts, styles and waxing.  She is the early bird of the shop... so come early if you want Starla!

Bob Lucatorto, otherwise known as "Lucky" is a retired Barber from Pennsylvania and joins us on occasion (usually Saturdays) to just keep his hands (and mouth) doing what they have for decades.  I begged him to work for us because he exemplifies the history of Barbering and the special relationship that is built between a patron and his barber.



Gloria is one our most cheerful and compassionate stylists. As a former salon owner, she has years of experience in doing all types of styles, razor cuts, perms, dyes, and the like. When she is not at the shop, she can often be found giving inspirational speeches to small groups in the Weight Watchers meetings. She loves life, animals, and running around with her kids.  Gloria usually only works Saturdays.


Marie is a true barber and has worked and been licensed in several states.   She enjoys her work and it shows.  She works Monday through Saturday in the afternoons (except Wednesdays) She is always happy to make new clients and excells in mens styles.

Mary Ann is picture shy and internet invisible and she would like to keep it that way.  But we can still use this space to let you know that she is here and is an expert with all types of modern hairstyles as well as classic.  Her experience is diverse and she is uptodate with the generation. 




Maybe you would like to fill one of our chairs?  We have schedules that meet everyone!  Give us a call.

True Barbering is a Fading Art